Falkirk and Martin Wishart

We went for a little day trip to Falkirk. It was a short walk to Waverley station. Cheap day return tickets to Falkirk were £7.40. It was very foggy all the way.

We went to Falkirk to see the Falkirk wheel. Instead of locks, the wheel lifts or lowers barges going along the Union Canal connecting Edinburgh and Glasgow. It took about 20 minutes to get to Falkirk. We took a short cab ride, about 3 miles, from the train station to the Falkirk Wheel. We could hardly understand the cab driver’s accent.  Because it was foggy, we decided not to take a boat ride on the wheel since we wouldn’t see anything and I didn’t like the looks of how high it was. Instead we watched it operate from the coffee shop where we had paninis and drinks.

Part of Antonine’s Wall, an old Roman wall, is near the wheel, but because of the fog, we decided not to go walking.

We caught the bus back to the train station — it turned out to be more expensive for four of us to bus than to take a taxi. We then caught the train back to Edinburgh.
Back in Edinburgh, we went to the National Gallery, where we knocked on the office door to ask to see the Turner watercolours which are normally only on display in January. We allowed to look at them by pulling them ourselves from the cabinet where they are stored and laying it on a podium like table to view at our leisure. It was amazing, if a little scary to be handling the pictures ourselves. I kept thinking about what would happen if we dropped one.
After we went to Jenner’s and bought Allie a wool jacket, followed by a quick stop at Harvey Nicks for wine, snacks and coffee.
We met up with Robin and Katie for dinner at Martin Wishart in Leith. It was very foggy and dark, so we took a taxi. Martin Wishart is one of the Michelin starred restaurants in Edinburgh.

Variety of appetizers

Corn soup

Beef shin

creme brulee

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