Scottish Parliament visit

We had breakfast at the casual restaurant at the hotel, Chisholm’s. Scott tried porridge with whisky and found it disgusting.

We agreed to meet Robin and Katie at the new Parliament building. We walked from the hotel to look at the St. John’s Episcopal church across the road, then walked through the church yard to the path through Princes Street Gardens.

We crossed the railway tracks on a small bridge then took the pathway up to Edinburgh Castle.


view from the Castle looking south

From the Castle we headed down the Royal Mile.

St Giles church

The new Parliament Building is at the end of the Royal Mile across the road from Holyrood Palace and the Queen’s Gallery.

The building has been a great source of controversy because of the length of time it has taken to building and the cost overrun which end up something like 4 times more expensive than originally budgeted. It’s design is hated by many. It’s supposed to be organic, like a tree with leaves, as explained inside. It’s quite unusual in its shape and incorporates Aberdeen granite and Caithness stone and other materials from around Scotland.

We couldn’t go see the main chambers for Parliament because a beam had fallen down a few days earlier.

We bought some chocolates at Plaisir du Chocolat (which was still on the Royal Mile at that time) and then to Vin Caffe for some sandwiches.

We walked to Robin’s flat crossing George IV Bridge, up the Mound, through the Meadows to Marchmont Road. We had lunch at Robin’s flat and checked out where he was living.

We did a little shopping in New Town.
Dinner was with the Hinds.

and a little bridge playing.

Sidney stayed with Isabel while Allie went to stay at Robin’s.

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