Last walk in Paris then to Edinburgh

Robin left early to go back to Edinburgh. We had most of the day before we left. We decided to walk some of the Champs Elysees but ended up walking all the way to the Louvre.


Church of Les Invalides
Obelisk of Luxor at Place de la Concorde. It once marked the entrance to the Amon temple at Luxor, is more than 3,300 years old and is decorated with hieroglyphics portraying the reigns of the pharaohs Ramses II and Ramses III.  It was given to the French in 1829 by the viceroy of Egypt.

statue symbolizing the city of Strasbourg

We had lunch at Cafe Marly in the Louvre overlooking the sculpture court.
It was then off to the airport for our flight to Edinburgh.

We left at 4:40 landed at 5:20 in Edinburgh with one hour time change. We stayed at Ronnie and Kim’s house while they were on vacation. We had dinner across the road at the Royal Ettrick Hotel.

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