Cinema and the Royal Mile

We walked to Fountain Park, a shopping centre, to go to see the last Lord of the Rings for a second time. The shopping centre is in Fountainbridge in the southwest of Edinburgh. It’s where Sean Connery was born and where there’s a big brewery. Walking there we passed Watson Crescent.

The cinema offered a huge array of candy and sweet as well as salted popcorn. Allie and Sidney could hardly control themselves trying to fill a bag of assorted sweets. After our second viewing of the Return of the King, we walked to the downtown area up to the High Street on the Royal Mile.
Salisbury Crags
North BridgeCafe Royal where we could not go in with the girls
Calton Hill
We wandered the Royal Mile then had dinner at Dubh Prais.
The next day we hung out around Edinburgh and failed to take any photos except of playing cards in the  Hinds kitchen.

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