Notre Dame

We went to Notre Dame, but first, took the Metro to Palais Royal, the Louvre stop, then walking along Rue St Honore to Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, where the Christian Louboutin shop is. Scott had to pay for my pumps since I no longer had any credit cards.

We walked to Rue de Pont Neuf to cross the Seine River onto Ile de la Cité.

Henri IV statue

Then to Notre Dame.

Sidney and pigeons

We admired both the interior and exterior but passed on climbing the bell tower to the top. The queue was too long. We didn’t expect so many tourists at Notre Dame on Boxing Day.

We walked from Notre Dame across to another island in the Seine, Ile St. Louis.

many little shops on the Ile

We found a cafe where Scott and I had onion soup and wine while the girls had ice cream. The cafe had a scary hole in the floor type of toilet.
We wandered back along the right bank of the Seine.

The view from La Samaritaine dept store windowDinner was at Le Cafe La Jatte. It took us a while to find it.

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