To Paris via London

Before we left for vacation, Scott thought we had to watch Return of the King, the third and final movie of the Lord of the Rings saga. We nearly missed our flight as we were slowed on our return home after watching the movie because of traffic. We dropped our keys with Bob and Nancy, went home to pick up our bags and get in a taxi and then realized we had no keys to get inside the house. Scott had to race back to Bob and Nancy to get the keys. We scrambled to get our bags into the taxi (leaving a peeled grapefruit on the table) and finally got to the airport. Our flight left about 6:30 p.m.

We arrived at Heathrow and found our flight to Paris was delayed. Our bags were checked through to Paris. We stopped at the Tap & Spile for drinks.

We left almost an hour late and we were getting sleepy. Sid fell asleep against the arm of a young guy sitting next to her. He was too embarrassed to push her off. We arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport at 5:00 p.m.
It was almost 6:00 before we arrived at our apartment in Neuilly or Neuilly-sur-Seine as it is along the Seine river in the west suburbs of Paris. The building didn’t look like an apartment block — just a wall with a door. But when someone came out of the street facing door, we looked in and saw the courtyard where cars were parked and the apartment building beyond.
Our first dinner was down Avenue Charles de Gaulle at Les Brasserie des Arts.

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