More Edinburgh before back to London

We walked around the grounds in the morning, after breakfast and before a taxi took us back into Edinburgh.

the Orangerie

Our cab driver was very chatty and pointed out places we were driving past including some of the buildings for the University of Edinburgh. Robin was very impressed with the look of the place.

We stored our bags at Waverley station. We had to sort out our reservations for the sleeper which were for the wrong night. We eventually got them right then went to Dubh Prais for lunch were we tried fried haggis in whisky sauce appetizers.

Above, Sidney heading through a close going to the Royal Mile.
On the Royal Mile, we had to stop at the Heart of Lothian where some people spit — some kind of Scottish loyalty thing.

Scott and Robin went to the Whisky Heritage Centre.

The girls and I headed to the National Gallery of Scotland to look at the small but very good collection of European paintings and some sculpture.

We met at Jenners, called Scotland’s Harrods, to buy souvenirs.

Spent some time at Waterstones book store, then walked along Princes Street and in the New Town area to meet the Hinds for dinner.

We met up with the Hinds at Bar Roma. Sidney and Isabel took one look at each other and both started talking at the same time. They seemed to have met their double.

Dinner was getting late so we had to send Robin in a taxi to Waverley to get our bags out of the left luggage office before it closed for the night. The rest of us walked back to Waverley and were each in our own sleeper cabin heading back to London.

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