Getting to Frankfurt

Three nights seemed like a good amount of time to visit Köln but the time seemed to fly by. We never did any shopping, partly because we did not seem to be in the right area.

Our morning started with grey skies and it looked like it had rained earlier. No matter. We were leaving for Frankfurt in the early afternoon.

We had brunch at the Museum Ludwig restaurant. They had problems with their technology. It closed the museum but the restaurant was operating with paper orders.

We waiting quite a while but were entertained by some performance going on outside. Two guys were going around in circles pushing a cylinder at the end of a long handle.

And dogs inside the restaurant.

We had a tasty shakshuka.

Our train trip to Frankfurt retraced a good part of the trip along the Rhine River.

Our train started 5 minutes behind schedule. We arrived in Frankfurt almost 30 minutes late. We took a taxi to our hotel which was 3 kilometres away. We probably could have got there on foot faster than by car as traffic was crawling. Almost every other road seemed to be undergoing construction.

Dinner with Robin was at Margarete, near the Romer in the centre of Frankfurt.

Sashimi starter
Roast beef with kimchi
Caesar salad with crispy chicken and popadoms

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