Rhine River ferry and Museum Tinguely

Sunday and sunshine made it a perfect day to head to an area of Basel we had not visited.

We took the tram toward the river near St. Alban Tor, an old city gate.

From the tram line, we headed down towards the river bank. We passed what looked like part of the old city walls. But it wasn’t.

There was a sign describing the area as formerly the site of mills, first for grain and then later for paper.

The Rhine River looking towards the Münster.

We wanted to take the river ferry to get across. The ferries are powered entirely by the current.

The website for the ferry is not very informative. We could not see that there was any schedule and could only see the docking stations and that the price was 2 Swiss francs, a recent price hike. We watched for a while and realized we were not standing at the right dock. The ferries just go back and forth between two docks at specific points along the river.

On the other side, a steep staircase takes you to a riverside promenade. Following it gets you to the Tinguely Museum

Towers of the Hoffmann Roche pharmaceutical company

We had lunch at the museum bistro, Jeannot, which was Tinguely’s nickname. It faces the river.

The wine was Aigle Cuvée Jean Tinguely
Croque Monsieur; Spinach quiche

Tinguely was active through the middle of the 20th century and most famous for his mechanical sculptures.

The below hallway kind of area overlooking the river had a description of his life and career.

Many of the sculptures had a power button to operate them.

There’s a nice park in front and the whole of Basel has greened up since we arrived.

It is a fun and not very big museum to visit.

We returned to the ferry terminal area for dinner.

Another look at the mill area.

Not a lot of restaurants are open on Sunday. Our daughter-in-law recommended Gasthof zum Goldenen Sternen. The view out the front window.

The restaurant says they are known for their fish dishes.

Octopus carpaccio
Seafood harmony
Sea bream

No room for dessert. We walked part of the way home.

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