Birthday in Geneva

I slept in. It is very rare for me to sleep late. Is this a sign I have added another year to my age?

This was definitely an old person’s birthday. I did not do a lot. We spent the morning organizing ourselves to leave early tomorrow.

It started snowing.

This is our sixth day here and we’re starting to get a feel for the place just before we are going to leave. Staying in the old town and with someone with bad knees means figuring out the inclines. I haven’t even talked about the old city wall nearby which requires a very long walk to get down from.

We walked down from here once on Sunday and that was to see the Reformation Wall. Luckily there’s lots of attractions the other direction.

Our main event for the afternoon was a duo massage. We left early and, as usual, took longer than Google predicted to find the place. But knowing our penchant for getting lost, we had lots of time and after locating the spa, we went looking for lunch.

We looked in the window of Café Verdaine on Rue Verdaine. It looked tiny from the street but once we went inside, it looked quite appealing, so we decided to stay for lunch. It was an excellent find.

The back part of the restaurant is roomy and light filled with this amazing collection of ivy plants.

Tartelette chorizo, fennel and fresh ricotta; burger

I just had a starter because I was not very hungry, although I did eat a lot of Scott’s fries. My dish was very good.

The chef/owner came out to chat with us as the lunch service was ending. She said she signed the contract for the place in February 2020. Ouch. But her restaurant is surviving and we hope it continues.

We had a very good Geneva pinot noir. The chef told us that the vintner is a friend of hers, a great big huggable bear of a guy like a “Canadian”. She said we should meet him and get him to send us some of his wine.

Our massage at Balima Spa was for a Balinese massage. Not sure what that entails but the woman massaging me found every area I knew was stiff and then some. No falling asleep during the massage.

After the pain stopped, I did feel a more youthful flexibility.

Dinner was at La Finestra, an Italian restaurant.

Rucola and carciofo salad; tuna carpaccio
Osso buco; lamb
Tiramisù and one candle

Rainy uphill walk back to the apartment

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