Musée d’arte et d’histoire

I wanted to go to the Musée d’arte et d’histoire. I had put it off until now as we expected it would rain and the museum visit would be a good indoor activity.

We spent another night with jet lag sleep issues but the museum did not open until noon. We had a slow morning. Scott was able to return to the jewellery shop where they were re-sizing a ring for him and where he thought he left his credit card. He happily returned with both.

The museum was a short walk away.

The view from the street in front of our building

On the sidewalk

The museum was built between 1903 – 1909 to house various publicly owned art and artifacts. Parts look very impressive.

The painting is a work partly by Rubens. I never got to the area where I could take a photo.

We started with lunch which was one floor below the main entrance.

Crab and avocado salad; agnolotti with aubergines

On the same floor as well as the one below are the archaeological items. I wanted to look at the paintings and sculptures, which was on level 2 or third floor in North America.

There was a display of fans which were remarkably detailed.

Konrad Witz’ Miracle of the Draught of Fishes is one of the most important paintings in the collection because in 1444, it was one of the first to show a large recognizable landscape in the background. In this case, Geneva. The painting was over the altar in Saint Pierre, but was removed when the church became used for Protestant worship instead of Catholic.

Other works I found interesting:

Holder, a Swiss Romanticist
Liotard, a Swiss artist of diverse talent, who had some amazing pastel works

On the floor 1 and the ground floor were both artworks and artefacts arranged by themes to encourage the visitor to make their own interpretations. We saw part of it. Here’s from the theme about death and decapitation.

Copy of Allori’s Judith and Holefernes

We spent an hour and a half on floor 2. The building is not too big and we managed to see everything on that floor. But Scott’s knees and hips were bothering him and my feet were sore. We decided not to look at the rest of the museum.

Across from the museum in a little park is what looked like a Henry Moore. I wanted to check it out but it started to rain so we hurried back to the apartment.

Also across from the museum was a Russian church with gold domes which we see from various vantage points.

The apartment has a washing machine. Travelling with carry on only luggage means needing to wash our clothes so this was a great amenity in this hotel.

Got take out for dinner and spent the evening doing laundry and sampling the wines we have bought.

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