Moving Sidney to McGill

Sunday, August 25, Sid and I flew to Montreal, where it was hot and humid. Too lazy to change to better clothes, we grabbed a quick dinner at Carlos and Pepe, a casual Mexican spot.

We were staying at the Residence Inn on Peel Street, close to McGill and in downtown. They have one bedroom suites with a pullout couch for Sid.

Monday, August 26, we went to Sidney’s apartment building to sign the lease.

Lunch at Le Pois Penché.

Sid then went to orientation. I went looking for wine. For dinner, Ferreira restaurant, a Portuguese place.

Tuesday we took a walking tour of the McGill area.

McGill Law School

After a late, quick lunch, we did some shopping including shopping for a Quebec mobile phone and some banking.

Dinner at Woorijib, the Korean restaurant next to the hotel.

Wednesday was 3 1/2 hours at Ikea while it poured rain.

We had an afternoon pizza, more shopping, then dinner at Fireside.

Thursday, Sid had training and I went for a run,

then did more shopping for her apartment. By the afternoon, I’d had enough of shopping so went to the Musée des Beaux Arts.


Dinner at Ryu for sushi.

Friday, more training for Sid while I went to Jean-Talon Market in the Little Italy area.

Then more shopping for apartment stuff.

Scott arrived in the late afternoon. Dinner at Renoir.

Saturday we wandered down to Vieux Montreal.

Dinner at Nora Gray, a modern Italian restaurant.

Sunday, September 1, Sid was supposed to get possession of her apartment but not until late in the afternoon because repairs to the walls and ceiling were being done.

A bit of panic ensued when Ikea delivery called to say they were 15 minutes away. Sid still didn’t have her key. Eventually, she got the key, Ikea purchases were delivered but sanding and painting wasn’t finished.

Instead of staying at the apartment putting the bed together, we returned to the hotel and had dinner at Santa Lucia, a traditional Italian restaurant.

September 2 was a blitz day for getting Sid’s stuff to her apartment, unpacking and setting up the Ikea furniture. Luckily we hired someone, a student, who does this stuff. Money well spent!

Unfortunately, Sid failed to order the slats for her bed, necessary to support the mattress.

Some good views from the rooftop terrace of her apartment building.

We put tools down late in the afternoon in order to celebrate Sidney’s birthday.

Dinner at Bouillon Bilk, a highly rated restaurant. We opted for the tasting menu with wine pairings.

Sid spent the last night at the hotel with us. We took the last stuff to her apartment,

then had brunch at Beauty’s Luncheonette.

Sid went off to class and we headed to the airport to return home.

Sid eventually got the slats for the bed and could sleep in her bed instead of the couch, reportedly, uncomfortable couch.

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