May 12: Van Gogh in London and football

Figured out how to get from Farringdon station to Tate Britain.

Tate Britain had a special exhibition of Van Gogh in Britain about how the two years Van Gogh lived in Britain affected his art and how his art affected British artists. It was a very popular exhibition.

After lunch at the Tate restaurant

We walked along the embankment to Westminster Abbey

We haven’t been to Westminster Abbey for about 17 years. Below is Deans Yard, which I don’t remember, but where we could catch a taxi because Scott wanted to see the last day of English Premiership football.

We squeezed into Cafe Kick which was showing the two games involving Liverpool and Manchester City which were the two teams competing for the title.

Sadly, although Liverpool won its game, Man City won theirs so they won the title.

Our dinner was at a restaurant Robin took us to a few years ago. We wanted to try it again. Moro describes itself as Spanish North African. It’s outside our usual cuisine experience but super flavourful.

Below: clams, asparagus and rice; deep fried mussels and cucumber artichoke salad

Below: vegetable mezze, a mix of different cooked and raw vegetables; and below that: lamb

Above: caramel and orange marmalade ice cream. We really enjoyed it all. Then we waddled our way back to the flat looking at views of the Shard and St Paul’s.

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