May 2: Two Cathedrals

Liverpool has two cathedrals both completed in the 20th century.

We also saw St. Luke’s which was bombed.

The Liverpool Cathedral, the Church of England cathedral, was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, brother of the architect who designed the St. Pancras hotel in London. It was completed in 1941 after being started before 1900.

The Oratory next to the cathedral cemetery:

Inside the Cathedral:

The art installation is by British artist Tracey Emin.

The Lady Chapel:

Going up the Tower is a big tourist draw, but not for those of us who don’t like heights.

Stopped for lunch at the Florist restaurant in a building called the School for the Blind.

The menu was a curious fusion of Indian, eastern Mediterranean and British with lots of vegetarian and vegan options as well as more carnivorous choices. Scott had lamb kebabs and chips, while I had a salad with crispy chicken, mango chutney and popadoms.

The Metropolitan Cathedral, the Roman Catholic Church, is an unusual church in the round.

It was originally designed to be more traditional with a dome bigger than St Peter’s in Rome, but two world wars affected the budget for building and caused the design to be completely changed. The church was completed in 1970.

You can see one church from the steps of the other.

Lots of interesting looking buildings in Liverpool.

We ended the afternoon with a spa visit.

Dinner was at Panoramic 34 on the 34th floor of West Tower, where we could see the Mersey River.

An interesting extra with our main of lamb was scouse, the local stew dish which also is the name of the local dialect and the nickname of locals “Scousers”.

We enjoyed some desserts along with the sunset.

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