Frankfurt 2: Frankfurt City museum

The Historisches Museum Frankfurt is about the history of the city.

Starts pre-Roman and ends a few years ago. Spread over 4 floors with some interactive displays, I spent almost 3 hours and didn’t see it all.

Above, a model of the old town in 1927.

Heller altarpiece by Albrecht Dürer (1508-09).

Frankfurt 2015 model. I like the model builders’ view of the zoo.

The basement even has excavated parts of a castle built around 1200 and replicas of 15th century kings’ insignia.

Lots of displays about people from Frankfurt like Anne Frank’s older sister, Margot.

Weather was nice so I walked around the Old Town area like the Römer, which has been re-created after been bombed in WWII.

Christmas tree in front of city hall.

Contrast between old structures and new.

Old Jewish Cemetery which has a memorial to Nazi victims.

The site of a synagogue that was destroyed.

The former philosophy student in me likes that these two streets, Hegelstraße and Kantstraße, run next to each other.

Dinner with Inge and Robin.

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