Arriving in Frankfurt

Despite sleeping over 6 hours on the plane, I felt groggy so did not go museum visiting like I thought I would do on my first day in Frankfurt. Instead, I walked around the neighbourhood near the hotel.

Above, the glass building in the distance is the European Central Bank.

The hotel, Alexander am Zoo, is near the zoo.

Many German cities have stolpertsteine, literally, stumbling blocks, that are concrete blocks with a brass plate inscribed with the name and dates of victims of Nazi extermination or persecution, usually located at the address where the person(s) lived. The project began in Germany and has spread to other countries. Here’s one stolperstein near the hotel:

If you zoom in on the photo, you can read her name and see she died at Auschwitz.  

Less historic, and not very attractive, were piles of construction or renovation or maybe just cleaning house garbage outside of apartment buildings.  I noticed these in three different locations.  Robin says there are days for picking up garbage that cannot go in the regular bins.

Inge had to work in Brussels so just Robin and I met for dinner at Trares, a restaurant featuring seasonal dishes. Below, venison encrusted with cocoa and chilies on couscous, beets, celeriac purėe and cranberries with what tasted like celery jellies–colours would look good for Christmas. 

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