Going to Robin and Inge’s Wedding

Scott, Sidney and I left on the 3:25 pm KLM flight from Calgary to Amsterdam. 

Our last KLM flights were in business with the lie flat seats. Premium economy may have more leg room but sleeping while sitting up was decidedly less comfortable. But I can’t complain too much. We got to Schiphol Airport early and even with our delay in finding the taxi we booked, we still got us to the apartment we rented for the week by 9:30 am.

The apartment is in a 17th century house built between two of the canals in the canal ring, and more specifically in the 9 Streets area, which is very lively with shops, restaurants and hotels. It should be a good location for the week.

Super steep stairs
We spent most of the day wandering in the area, getting some shopping done for our stay–mostly groceries–and generally trying to stay awake.

Allie and Carmen arrived after many hours delay and flight changes.  And lost luggage. Short story is: don’t fly through Toronto unless you give yourself a long layover.

Weather in Amsterdam on Wednesday was cool despite the blooming trees and flowers we can see. The evening was rainy. I can see a lot of dressing in layers this trip.

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