Maasai Mara School

Mara Plains Camp through the Olare Orok and Motorogi Conservancy Trust helped build and supports local schools and their website includes a list of supplies you can bring to donate to the schools. The local schools mean that children don’t have to travel so far to get to school, which encourages them to attend. We drove out to one school, Endoinyo Erinka Primary,  to give them the supplies we brought.


The school sits out on the plains with no other buildings anywhere nearby. The original building is basically a shed with tiny rooms and no lights. The metal roof means it’s hot inside. The bathrooms are an outhouse with a girls’ side and a boys’ side.


The government is constructing another building.


The green cylindrical building in the top photo is a female teachers’ residence. The school is a primary school of 120 students that goes from pre-school to grade five.

There’s no gym so any group assembly is outside. The rocks mark the lines where the students are to arrange themselves.

The youngest children were having a lesson outside under a tree.


The most incredible thing is there is a pride of lions right across the road, and of course, there’s no fence between the school and the lions’ hunting grounds.

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