Tuesday in St Ives

We took the train from Penzance to St. Ives. First you go to St. Erth, about 9 minutes on the train.

Then after waiting 23 minutes, you get on the train to St. Ives, which takes 11 minutes and drops you on the other side of the land mass in this area.

Much of St. Ives is quite touristy and on a sunny day, still near the Easter holiday, was quite crowded.

We found a number of interesting art galleries and wished we could have brought some things home.

We worked our way to Tate St. Ives.

Had lunch at Tate, overlooking one of the many beaches.

fish stew

Some of the beaches:

Also wandered streets with a number of artisanal shops.

St. Ives Museum was a bust.

Walked to dinner at Portminster Beach Cafe as the fog began to roll in.

Monkfish in Thai green curry
West Cornish cheeses

Still foggy as we left to catch the train back.

Back in Penzance.

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