Saturday football and birthdays dinner

Liverpool football club was playing Arsenal at their stadium less than 2 miles away from where we were staying. But tickets in the nose bleed seats were selling for 231 pounds. Instead we went to a pub to watch.

The room was mostly Arsenal fans, who like Scott went away happy about the 4-1 victory for Arsenal. At least I had some lunch.

Robin and Inge took us to dinner for our birthdays. The restaurant called Bob Bob Ricard features booths with buttons that you press to order champagne.

So I pressed it and we had some champagne.

The menu is Russian and British. The Russian part seemed mostly to feature in caviar and truffles.

above, crab salad starter

spatchcocked chicken

braised lamb

filet mignon

The decor was rather over the top busy although there were some nice art deco elements.

Dessert was a gold coloured ball that had hot chocolate poured on it to melt the ball and reveal the inside of chocolate, fruit and cake-like bits.

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