Tour of Praha

The Czechs say the name of the city Praha, the h is pronounced like the Scottish ch in loch, kind of gargled at the back of the throat. Prague is the German name, so not so popular with the Czechs. The city was an amalgamation of four cities way back when. It also has seven hills, like Rome. We started on top of the oldest area where the Prague Castle complex is.

Things look kind of pink because I accidently had tint set on my camera.

The above palace area was designed by the same architect that designed the Schoenbrun Palace in Vienna.

Below one of the castle gates where a brief changing of the guard ceremony occurs every hour:

Interior of St Vitus Cathedral:

Exterior of St Vitus:

Some of the excavated original building on the grounds:

We then crossed the river to look at the Old Town area which has a lot of the Jewish Ghetto area in it:

The Old Town was not bombed during WWII. It still retains its mostly 17th century buildings which were built after a devasting flood. A number of the building are also Art Deco built when old ghetto buildings were replaced:

The Old Town square:

The Astronomical Clock on City Hall:

We had lunch while cruising the Vlatav River or Moldau River in German. We could look at the Castle area from the other side:

The Charles Bridge:

After the cruise, Sid and I went to the Prague National Gallery which featured ancient art and Asian art–curious. Roman glass:

Japanese miniature carvings:

Alcohol is inexpensive. Two glasses of Czech white wine for 90 Czech Korunas or less than $5.00:

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