Vienna without a map

This was our day off of touring. We slept in, skipped breakfast then walked to our spa appointment at the Guerlain Spa at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Our breakfast and lunch was combined. A little wine with lunch/breakfast:

Sid’s burger was quite large:

We had a face and body treatment that consisted of exfoliation then massage followed by mositurizing cream. I slept through much of it.

After a bit of time in the swimming pool, we left to wander around central Vienna revisiting some places we had seen last year:

Stadtpark was new:

Stopped for some ice cream from Zanoni and Zanoni. This was himbeer, raspberry:

We walked two blocks and saw four churches:

Time for a glass of wine:

Then dinner at Hollmann Salon; starting with Sid’s favourite pumpkin seed butter and bread:

goulash above, bakhendl and ravioli below, both with salads

Walked back in the twilight with no problems.

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