To Austria

Budapest to Vienna is about a 3.5 hour drive. Again, a nothing border to go from one country to the other. We looked at some of the city on our way in–like the Ferris wheel in Prater Park:

St Francis church:

A walking tour looked at a number of things we saw last August like Stephandom or the Cathedral of St Stephen:

We walked the pedestrian centre that included the Plague Tower:

Hofburg Palace:

Lippanzaner horses’ stables:

After we left the group, aand stopped for refreshment at Cafe Mozart, we went to the Kunsthistorisches Museum to revisit some great paintings:




Walked to our hotel near the Belvedere Palace, then went for dinner by walking through the palace grounds:

Restaurant Sperl, an Austrian restaurant:


bakhendl (fried chicken strips) with salad dressed in pumpkin oil and potato:

steak with “English vegetables” that we were supposed to split but Sid’s German didn’t quite communicate the request:



We worked a lot of dinner off by going through Belvedere then finding the far gate locked so we had to backtrack and walk around–that must have added at least 2 km, more likely 3 km, to our return walk.

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