Tuesday Galleria Borghese tour

We walked almost 2 kms to Santa Maria del Popolo to see Caravaggio’s paintings, The Crucifixion of St Peter and The Conversion of St Paul.  A sign in the chapel said no flash and no photos. The chapel with the paintings is at the centre of the photo:

From there we walked to lunch near the Borghese park and the Museo Borghese at a restaurant referred to as Il Localino:

We were talked into an antipasti misti, a mixed plate of seafood and vegetables. It was a lot of food. Scampi and langoustines:

Grilled octopus, eggplant and rolled filled white fish of some sort we can’t remember:

Ceviche and tuna tartare:

Sidney manged a dolce of chocolate cake but nothing more for me before we walked to Galleria Borghese–no photos allowed inside:

After, we walked to La Terrazza at the Hotel Eden where we had drinks and they brought us a lot of snacks while we enjoyed the views:

We then came home to cook some of the produce I bought from the Campo di Fiore market and shops where we walked the day before:


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