Monday Roman foods tour

We took a 5 hour tour with Elizabeth Minchilli in the Campo di Fiore and Jewish Ghetto area. The tour was focussed on Roman foods, traditions and the changing area. We started with coffee in a small shop run by an 85 year old woman, who doesn’t like her photo taken.

We looked around the market:
Then to a bakery

where they are making pizza bianca, pizza dough with olive oil, no other topping:

a cheese shop
a bar, where we ate pizza bianca, fresh cheese and aperitivi:

then a nocheria, a specialty salumeria shop, with some home made wine:

next to a cheese shop for sampling of cheese and a glass of nebbiolo wine:
then lunch of carciofi alla giudea, Roman zucchini, two pasta dishes and the house white wine:

finally, some gelato–rice, pistachio and zabaglione:

After the end of the tour, it was time to do some walking.
Along the Tiber river, where you can see evidence of flooding:

Then a search for Davide Cenci, a men’s wear store:

On the walk back towards our flat, we saw the Pantheon was open:

After all that eating, we had salads for dinner:


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