New Year’s Eve

After a brisk shower in the bracingly cool shower room:


Started the day with a huge Japanese breakfast:

It included warm tofu:

And miso soup with crab:

One last look at our room:

Then back on the train to Odawara and change to the bullet train to Kyōto.

I like the foot rest:

Views from the window:



We’re staying in a very small townhouse in Kyōto.


After stocking up on food and booze, getting take out udon noodle soup, and unpacking all the food in our luggage, we settled in for the evening. We usually play Rummoli. We had no board so had to improvise:
Needed to use Japanese coins for chips:



New Year’s Eve on TV was a singing show mainly by the ubiquitous but indistinguishable boy bands.


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