December 30–To Hakone

Headed to Tokyo station to catch the Shinkansen or bullet train to Odawara:

We bought bento boxes to eat on the train:


We had to switch to the local train for Hakone Yumoto:

We were too early to check in so dropped our bags and went for a walk:

We then took the bus to Motohakone which is on the shore of Lake Ashi:

Mt Fuji in the background.  There was snow on the ground.

More Fuji-san:


The pirate ship does lake cruises. Why a pirate ship? None of us knew.
After taking a bus where we were packed in like sardines, we found our rooms ready. We decided to try the onsen, hot pools, despite our reluctance to bathe naked with strangers. It turned out, we had both the women’s and men’s pools to ourselves.  After bathing, our dinner was set to be served in the room Robin, Allie and Sidney would share.

Some dishes we cooked ourselves.

A bit of cards after before settling onto our futons.

Or wrestling on our futons.

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