Visiting Cambridge

We took the subway, the T, across the Charles River to Cambridge getting off at the Harvard stop. The Harvard Square area feels much more small town and of course, is crawling with young people going to Harvard University, MIT or one of the many other post secondary institutions in the area.  I think there are something like 16 universities or colleges in the greater Boston area.

We took a stroll through Harvard Yard.



Not much to see other than buildings.

We went to Legal Seafood, a local chain seafood restaurant for lunch.

cesaer slad with crab


lite clam chowder i.e. no cream just clam juice

We had to try the Boston Cream Pie which the waitress said was very authentic. My mother’s Boston Cream Pie had the cake and custard layers but never had the chocolate on top or all the chocolate sauce!

We returned to Boston and walked around rather aimlessly.  We thought we would look for some stores for shopping but did not end up buying anything other than wine — an important purchase for us.


Federal Wine and Spirits, a good place to note if you want some wine.  The store does not advertise well.  I didn’t see the shop name anywhere on the exterior.

Our purchases:

We went for dinner at Menton, named after a town in France on the Mediterranean coast, part of the Barbara Lynch restaurant group. We had the chef’s tasting menu served in 7 courses, or so they said.  It added up to more as far as we could count, especially because Scott and I got similar but different dishes.  Here’s what I can remember:

salmon tartare with caviar
carrot macaroon


corn bread with creme fraiche and caviar


potato chip


gazpacho with cucumber




another rendition of scallop


unbelievably good croissant


ahi tuna with chicken of the woods mushrooms, scallion and pine nuts


matsutake mushroom, caviar, salsify


matsutake mushroom, uni, taco and daikon


mini baguette


garganelle pasta with pesto and zucchini


garganelle pasta with pork




seared foie gras with cherries


confit foie gras


confit foie gras on the plate


duck, confit, walnut, onion and peach


pork loin and another pork variation


another pork dish of pork loin and pork belly


huckleberry, coconut and ice cream


chocolate dessert


another chocolate dessert

Notice how my powers of detail recall diminish as the courses progress? Most of the dishes were paired with wine.  I wonder if that had something to do with my failing memory?

Below are the extra desserts of watermelon wrapped in something like raspberry fruit leather, chocolate and something I can’t recall at all.

Three and a half hours for dinner, then we walked back to our hotel to pack.

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