Visiting the Green Monster

Scott says, “How about you go get coffee while I sleep in on Sunday morning?” So my Sunday morning started with going to two different coffee shops nearby but finding them closed on Sunday, and I ended up at Starbucks. 😦  At least it was open.

We then headed out for a 2 mile walk to Fenway Park.  You can walk almost all the way in parks or green strips.




We went for an early lunch near Fenway at Island Creek Oyster Bar.

We sampled some oysters which were from the Massachusetts area.

Boston baked beans, bacon, eggs and toast

I tried fried clams with french fries — very delicious but I was still feeling full 6 hours later.  So much rich seafood and fat followed by dessert.


ice cream sandwich


doughnuts with dulce de leche chocolate stout sauce

A very short walk got us to Fenway Park and into our seats to watch the Red Sox and Blue Jays.

We were sitting near some guys from Quebec, who, from the amount of noise and excessive friendliness they exhibited, must have been drinking a lot before they got to the game.  Together with Scott cheering for the Blue Jays, some of the Red Sox fans thought they were surrounded by the enemy.  Somewhat surprisingly, most of the Red Sox fans near us were women.

Fenway Park is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.  It still has a scoreboard which needs to be changed manually.  If you can see the details in this photo, there is a woman in a blue jacket changing the scores and the door she came out of is open on the left of the photo. Her red ladder is propped against the wall which is called the Green Monster.  There is a major high speed roadway on the other side of the Green Monster.

After the Jays won in the 9th inning, we walked back along Newbury Street which is known for its shopping.  Sadly we did not buy anything.  So far, there has been very little shopping this trip.

We decided we did not want another big walk to dinner so ate at the hotel which has a restaurant called Mooo, a steakhouse.

tomato salad


iceberg salad

Despite all the steaks on the menu, I opted for seafood, which was also fairly plentiful as items on the menu.

linguine and clams
rib eye steak with bone marrow and corn succotash


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