Birthday day, round 2

Another grey day with a prediction for rain. Nevertheless, we headed out in search of men’s silver rings.

Some grafitti the city graffiti cleaning crews have not cleaned up yet. Or maybe they don’t clean this street.

Shops on Calle de Fuencarral where Scott found some rings.

Leaving Calle Montera, the hooker stroll.

Casa de Correos where the provincial government is housed and where the ball drops on New Year’s Eve:

Lunch was on Robin.  We went back to Leon de Oro where the city wall remains can be seen below the floor of the dining room.

Sauvignon Blanc from Valladolid
bacalao (cod) with pine nuts
cocochas de merluza (hake) with potato
lubina (sea bass)

Cute mural of a cat on a roof.

More city wall bits.

It rained a little while we were having lunch. Walked nearby to look around Mercado San Miguel.  Too bad we had just eaten because there were a lot of good looking things including these egg shells filled with chocolate.

Back to the flat to figure out how to do some laundry and have a bit of birthday bubbly.

Reusing birthday cards:

Then off to dinner. I forgot my camera so the following are iPhone photos.
More graffito:

Futbol postcards:
An outdoor bar with fake fur blankets on the chairs — at least, I think, it was fake fur:
Pre-dinner gin tonics at Leon de Oro (where we had lunch and the waitress promised they did good drinks), the drinks are the Spanish fancied up version of gin and tonic.
Dinner was at La Capilla de la Bolsa, a restaurant housed in a building originally a hermitage then later a stock exchange. The decor is very rococco, an elaborately decorated Italianate style.
A grand piano on the upper level
The piano was used from time to time to accompany a tenor who strolled around the dining room singing opera arias. The tenor was so loud and so close, his performances stopped conversation.  In between was quasi -classical type recorded music, sometimes sounding like opera singers performing popular songs which were barely recognizable. At least the food was good.
apple and foie gras
strawberry gazpacho
langoustines and crab


steak tartare
arroz (rice) and mushrooms with partridge


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