Arriving in Madrid

Got a wake up call at 7 am to get to Madrid. Got to terminal 5 departures, checked our bags and had a quick breakfast at Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food after waiting to get a table.

Sadly we were on a plane full of junior high school students from Britain going on a school trip and there was a crying baby.  Noisy.
Flying into Madrid, the area looked very dry.

Our flat for the next 9 days.



We then went out in search of basics like wine and cheese.
Puerta del Sol, a central square in the old city

Another view of Puerta del Sol with Sponge Bob and Elmo?

street name where we are staying
Calle de Cadiz

The building where we are staying.

Back at the flat, we drank some wine while Scott tried to call his credit card company.  Trying to dial a collect call was hard. We had to Google for instructions.

For dinner, we went to a place I had seen was recommended but it looked sketch — no one was eating there… So we went across the street to La Finca de Susana, which had a queue, but for a table of three, we got right in!  Turned out to be good and very reasonably priced.

gazspacho with croutons


potatoes and egg Madrid style




veal and onions


beef steak Iberico


chocolate “tears” with creme anglaise — what is left of it and lemon sorbet with cava

Not much vegetables with these meals. But we went back to the flat happy and there we watched futbol highlights.

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