20 hours in London

From the time of our arrival from Calgary until departure to Madrid, we had about 20 hours in London . Some of that time was spent sleeping but still time left to enjoy London. This was our seventh visit since 2002.

We stayed at the Sofitel hotel at terminal 5 at Heathrow.


We then hopped on the tube to ride the Piccadilly line for about 1 hour to get to Leicester Square.

We walked a few blocks to Trafalgar Square.

We went to the Turner exhibition showing how he was inspired by the paintings of Claude Lorrain.

Paused for some refreshment.


Then more wandering around before we met Robin for dinner.


City of Westminster sign
egg that changed colours
Dinner at Les Deux Salons


The return home turned into an unintended excursion.  Instead of taking the train which went to Heathrow, we got on the train heading to Uxbridge.  We realized our mistake at Ealing and got off at North Ealing, then we took a train back to Acton Town, the dividing point for the Piccadilly line.

At Acton Town, the tube stopped running for the night.  We ended up taking a taxi back to Heathrow and landed in bed after midnight.

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