Return to the Louvre

Our last full day in Paris. Time to do a few of the things we haven’t managed so far.

First, we stopped at Berthillon ice cream shop.

Then a look at the inside of Notre Dame de Paris.  The crowd was the biggest we saw in any church.




Then on to the Louvre. This time to go inside.


walking to Caroussel


Arc du Caroussel



buying tickets
Allie decided she needed food first before looking at art.  We went to Cafe Marly where we ate on our last day in Paris in 2003.


overlooking the sculpture courtyard



tomato and cheese


Caesar salad


smoked salmon


poached salmon
Then onto looking at art.
Nike of Samothrace


Denon Wing


Rubens in Richelieu Wing




more Rubens


Sculpture courtyard
Then we were off to do some shopping for chocolate.


Unsuccessfully looked for men’s rings in Place Vendome area.
Successfully found shoes at Christian Louboutin’s shop.


Dinner was a La Tour d’Argent, where we all dressed up a bit.


two! girls in dresses


the wine list


table decor


the view


wine list prices!




We all ordered the decouverte menu, a chef’s choice tasting menu.  It was a lot of food.
onion dish


salmon and caviar



egg broccoli and truffle


vin rouge




veal cheeks & mushrooms





fig and red fruits



cakey things


chocolate, caramel and cafe ice cream




salted caramel
The next day, Friday, we were up early and heading back home, still digesting Thursday’s dinner.

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