4th arrondissement — the Marais

Sidney and I started the morning with a “croissant run” — although we also bought pain au chocolat. The streets of Ile Saint Louis were pretty quiet.

After breakfast, we met Robin at Place de Bastille.
Bastille Opera
From there we walked to Place des Voges, a park surrounded by arcades with restaurants and art galleries.



From there we went to Musee Carnavalet, about the history of Paris.


After a couple of hours in the museum, the weather turned very wet.  We had to scurry through the rain to find a late lunch at Chez Marianne, a Middle Eastern restaurant.
After lunch, we headed to the Pompidou Centre to look at modern art.



By 6:30 when we were ready to leave, it was raining again.  Eventually, headed out towards Le Verre Vole, where Robin had made a reservation. Before resorting to a taxi, we bought some wine. The restaurant is near Canal Saint Martin.






lamb with mushrooms

Back at the flat, we played cards and drank too much wine.


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