Rainy arrival in Paris

We arrived early and had to wait for the driver who was to meet us and take us to our rented flat.  We got slowed in morning rush hour and road construction but got our keys to the flat and we settled in before noon.

The two bedroom, two bathroom flat is in a 17th century building. The floors are a bit uneven but the view is good.

living room


the view out the window of the Seine river

We always seem to be staying in places with steep stairs.

view down to the courtyard

We looked at the main street of the island wishing we had worn more clothing.


Lunch at St Regis cafe,

Later in the afternoon, we walked off the island to the Right Bank into the Marais district to buy some essentials like wine.  View of Ile Saint Louis from the Right Bank near Pont Sully.

Dinner was at Alain Ducasse’s take on a classic bistro.
gourmet organ meats








tenderloin steak

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