Finally getting to see a play at the Globe Theatre

Since 2002, I’ve tried a number of times to get tickets to a play at the Globe Theatre but either the plays were sold out or nothing was on because it was late fall or winter or too early in the spring when no plays are staged because it is considered too cold to have audiences sitting outside.  However, this time, we’re here before the season ends in early October and there were a number of plays available.  I got tickets for Henry IV, Part 1, an afternoon performance.

Robin, who was without the keys to his flat — long story — slept on the sofa bed and left in the morning to collect his stuff including his keys.  Scott wasn’t too lively in the morning.  We left the flat to walk to cross the Thames River to go to Tate Modern to meet Robin.  A few sights along our path:

poor Big Bird


The Monument


funny name of this church


runners for a Save the Gorillas run

Lunch at Tate Modern

grey mullet, mussels and scallops


orechetti and courgettes


fish and chips
The Globe Theatre is practically next door to Tate Modern. No photos allowed during the performance.  We thoroughly enjoyed the play.  So much better to hear Shakespeare spoken by actors who know how to deliver the lines.  The actor playing Falstaff was particularly good and delivering the comic moments.  And the view from our seats was pretty good and importantly, kept us out of the rain which started just before intermission.


From the Globe, we walked to near Charing Cross station to Gordon’s Wine bar, one of the oldest bars in London.


We intended to take a taxi to dinner but couldn’t find one not occupied and ended up walking to near Farringdon station which is near many of the barristers’ inns of court to get to Bistrot Bruno Loubet.  Along the way, we encountered more grafitti:


Dinner was very good.

beef Indochine


Lyonnaise salad


snails, meatballs and mushroons


beetroot ravioli


quail and spinach ravioli



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