Spa day

We started the day with an hour of yoga in a very crowded studio and sweated a lot more than I expected. Since it hadn’t started raining as predicted, we then went for a run heading the other way, north west-ish, where we could see the cliffs of Pacific Palisades Park.

After our run and showers, we had lunch at the hotel next door, Casa del Mar, in the Catch restaurant which overlooks the beach.

Scott’s lobster sandwich:

After lunch we went back to Montana Avenue to Fireside Liquors which had a great selection of wine and single malts. Next door was Whole Foods Market where we bought munchies and fruit. We walked our 2 plus miles back after buying me some new flats.

At three we had our spa appointments. Scott had a full body massage and I had a pedicure and foot massage. When we got back to the room, the sun was out so we could sit on the balcony and enjoy our purchases from Fireside Liquors.

For dinner, we went to Mori Sushi where we had Omakase Sushi, the chef’s selection of three appetizers and sushi. We started with fresh tofu, squid and octopus, and a clear fish broth soup. We then had a variety of sushi, many of which were varieties I had never heard of but selected because they were seasonal and many local. The chef, Mori, served us a variety of yellowtail tuna I had never heard of. He said he didn’t like hamachi because it was mostly farm raised and not wild like the type he served. He was grating fresh wasabi on a piece of shark skin — another thing I had not seen before.
The decor of the place was very simple using a lot of plywood and paint. Chopstick rests were bamboo crabs. The dishes all look like handmade pottery, thick and rather rustic, except for the sake glasses, which were cut crystal. Dessert was green tea ice cream, sesame seed ice cream, tangerine segments and roasted green tea.

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