Cycling around Marina del Rey

After breakfast at Coast, the casual restaurant at the hotel, we rented beach bicycles. The bikes had fat seats, high handlebars and a single gear with brakes that require you reverse the pedals — a style Scott and I haven’t ridden for 40 years. Scott almost launched himself over the handlebars as he practiced using the brakes.

We headed south to Venice again. This time we found the canals, or what remain of them, which gives Venice its name.

Grafitti seems to be everwhere in Venice, but it’s against the city’s code as this sign points out:

Yet, just down the street:
We rode through Venice then lost the bike path as we were trying to get to Marina del Rey. A pedestrian pointed out it went along the roads. We still managed to lose the path again because of road construction. After a number of wrong turns, back tracking and riding on sidewalks to avoid the traffic, we found the bike path again and rode around the marina area to the ocean at the end of Marina del Rey and next to Santa Monica State Beach.

It took us almost one and a half hours to get to this point. When we turned around and rode back, it took an hour since there were no wrong turns. We even had time to take photos of the street art park in Venice.

We returned the bikes and then walked the opposite direction to Broadway where we had a quick bite of lunch and Scott went to a jewellery shop specializing in native artifacts including silver rings. We returned via the Santa Monica pier.
The pier was fairly busy even though it was a cool, windy Monday. Some guys were fishing off the end of the pier.
We hung out in our room for a part of the afternoon watching “The Hangover”, which was gross, stupid but still funny at times, then had dinner at Border Grill. I liked the decor. We inhaled too many tortilla chips, salsas and guacamole so didn’t manage to eat much of our smashed artichoke hearts, short ribs or pulled pork.


It was misting by the time we returned to our room where we watched the movie, “The Wolfman” or something like that — very cartoonish.

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