We made it!

Allie’s flight was late but we eventually met up at terminal 3 in Fiumicino. Got driven into Rome by Cristiano who was kinda grumpy waiting for Allie. My Italian verbs were not up to conjugating “she was scheduled to arrive at…” In any event, a call to the receptionist at our hotel who spoke better English than the driver and better Italian than me, straightened out our wait and eventually Allie found me and we drove into the Centro Storico of Rome.  Our hotel in the smallest of narrow streets is so charming. More steps up to our room than the flat in Florence (first count 94) and no lift — but we wouldn’t want to lose the staircase — indeed not:

We went to an enoteca for wine:

We got there quite easily but decided to take a different route back. Mistake! Neither of us had a map. But Google maps on my iPhone got us back and we could open a Brunello di Montalcino and try unsuccessfully to find a tv show on the Olympics. But the Caravaggio exhibit was on the news. Not too sure what they said.

Dinner was at Armando al Pantheon where we had Roman style pasti, carbonara and cacio e pepe. We shared a scottaditto (grilled lamb chops) and carcofi alla Romana. All with a Brunello and aqua naturale. Didn’t take my usual food photos but this is the door to the restaurant:

On the way back to the hotel we made a detour past the Pantheon and the Piazza della Rotonda which was fairly quiet for a Friday night. The Pantheon has a lot of scaffolding on it as it looks like the columns are getting cleaned. The Four Rivers fountain in Piazza Navona has a fence around it and no water. In 2007, it was covered in scaffolding. Curses. Still can’t get an unobstructed view of the fountain:

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