Christmas morning

We started with a sunny day and church bells ringing. It’s now quite windy and occasionally  rainy.  Sidney actually slept in so Christmas morning didn’t begin until almost 9 a.m.

Robin relaxing after opening presents.
Christmas morning Lifesaver casserole with prosciutto instead of back bacon.
After we walked off the sweets and brunch by going up to Piazzalle Michelangelo.
Where the views are fabulous:
Then to San Minato al Monte where the legend goes that Minato, a Christian, was beheaded by a Roman emperor and picked up his head and walked to this spot, where a shrine and now a church exists.
We all managed to cook Christmas dinner at the flat. Instead of turkey we roasted a chicken with thyme snipped from the plants you can see on the walls of the terrace. Below is chicken in the Mercato Centrale, where we bought our dinner makings.  The chickens, many with head and feet attached, are enormous and easily substituted for a small turkey.
Here’s a photo of Christmas dinner:

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