Flat in Firenze

We have rented a three bedroom flat. Each bedroom has its own bathroom — luxury. But if you don’t like stairs, this place would be a nightmare. The flat is on the third floor — 4th by North American counting. No lift and 77 steps to the door of the flat. Two bedrooms are on the first level, then stairs up to the living room and the bedroom Robin is in and a further 4 steps to the kitchen, and some very narrow, steep and winding stairs to the terrace.

The ktichen and living room.

I woke up at 6 a.m.  Not sure why. At 7 a.m. church bells were ringing. It’s now 8 a.m. and more bells. Don’t know if this is a Christmas thing or if it happens all the time.
I’ll eventually post a photo of the terrace and its fabulous view. The sun is rising but it’s not very light out yet, or maybe it’s going to be an overcast day.
We met up with Allie last night about 6:30 p.m. She had sent a text saying she was on the train from Rome. We decided to head out to look for groceries and vino. We turn left from the front door, when we should have turned right, and were standing at the corner trying to figure out where we were, when Sidney screamed because she saw Allie.

We already have managed to go the wrong way despite our maps.
We had dinner at Ora d’Aria, which means hour of the air in reference to the hour that prisoners are allowed into the courtyard for fresh air. The restaurant is across from a former prison, now being turned into spiffy looking apartments but retaining some of the prison doors.
The meal was one of the best we had in Florence. Italian but innovative, not traditional. The breads were so flavourful, not like unsalted Tuscan bread which is largely a vehicle for sauce.
And the meat dishes were amazing. Rabbit, beef cheeks:
Today, when everyone eventually rises, we are off shopping. Some doing present shopping, while I go look for things to cook for Christmas dinner. We will probably get lost at least once but that’s part of the fun.

2 thoughts on “Flat in Firenze

  1. Was Sidney's scream joyous or frightened at the sight of Allie? Did you give Allie the train ticket you bought for her?? Thanks for the posts!


  2. Sid was happy but scared the rest of us! And the tickets physically come as one card which no conductor asked us for, thank goodness, since I wasn't sure my Italian was up to explaining where the missing passenger was!


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