Last full day in Edinburgh

We spent most of the day shopping for things to take home for Allie and Sidney and a graduation gift for Katie.

We had a lunch break at Deacon Brodie’s with Robin. The place was full of tourists and students in their graduation finery, even their gowns.

We went to the National Gallery for a bit of a look around. Robin, surprisingly, had never been inside.

Robin was taking us out for dinner, so he went home to change. I went to my pedicure at the Balmoral Spa.

view from the window by the elevators going to the spa. Below my fresh pedicure and finally wearing my new Jimmy Choos.

Dinner was at the Tower Restaurant.


beef filet


During dinner, we were entertained by a mallard duck with 9 ducklings. The ducklings had hatched on the terrace just that day and were going to be transported to water the next day. Staff had put out bread and water for them. The windows next to our table were open so we kept trying to photograph them as they waddle back and forth.



chili, lime, coconut mousse

lemon basil tartlet

On our last day, we had breakfast with Katie and her parents whom we were meeting for the first time. We forgot to take any photos. Katie’s grad ceremony was that afternoon.
After breakfast, we checked out then headed to the airport.
It was goodbye to Edinburgh for the time being. Even though Robin won’t be in Edinburgh in the foreseeable future, we have had such good times visiting Edinburgh, some day we’re sure we will be back.

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