Back to Edinburgh after another climb

We had another hearty breakfast and watched the clouds and sun taking turns making appearances. We debated whether to try another climb.

We left Monachyle Mhor by 11 a.m. and headed towards Callander. We decided to stop at Ben Ledi to hike for a bit. It was a very steep climb.

After about an hour, it started to rain. My vertigo and probably fatigue got to me so I turned around. The stone steps were starting to get very slippery making the descent less than pleasant.

I returned to the car and walked along the river. The sun came out and my clothes started to dry. The other returned not too long after as they too decided it was too hard to make it to the summit in the wind and rain.
We stopped in the small town of Callander for a light lunch and a look around. Callander is on the River Teith.

Ronnie and Robin had room for ice cream.
We were back to Edinburgh shortly after 4 p.m.. Robin was dropped off first, then we drove to the Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh’s top luxury hotel. The bottom of my trousers were covered with mud and my hair which had been wet and wind blown looked like a fright wig. The doorman sceptically asked if we were checking in.
By this time, it was clear to me that I had caught a cold, so after checking in, we headed to a Boots for cold meds. Then to Harvey Nicks for bottles of wine and whisky. Nothing like a bit of booze and cold meds to bring you around.
Our room was on the top floor with views of the Castle even from the bathroom.


the bathroom window view
We had traditional fish dinner, i.e. fish and chips, with the Hinds at their house and watched the finals of the Euro cup as Spain beat Germany.

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