Roslin and Rosslyn Chapel

This was our last day in Edinburgh. Robin gave us some beer he brought back from Belgium. We couldn’t take it in carry on for the plane later. No one wanted to pack it, so beer ended up being part of our breakfast.

The Leffee was 6.6% alcohol and the Ypra was even more. The girls complained about getting drunk but it didn’t stop them from sampling.

We met up with Robin and Katie in a “people carrier”, a taxi that holds 6 passengers to get driven to Roslin, a small village about half an hour south of Edinburgh to see the Rosslyn Chapel. We arrived at 10 a.m. and arranged for a pick up at 12:30.

Ronnie and Kim had recommended the Rosslyn Chapel to us a number of years ago. It has become a bigger tourist attraction since Dan Brown published The Da Vinci Coe and would become even more popular with the movie starring Tom Hanks. Shortly after we arrived a tour bus also arrived.

The Chapel charged admission £6 for adults, 5 for students, Sid was free. It is near classic English high gothic style in the miniature. It is in considerable disrepair although restoration has been going on since the 1960s. A corrugated metal roof on scaffolding covers and protects the building. The scaffolding also provides access to view the exterior carvings.

The interior has a number of unusual carvings like little men about whom there are numerous theories about Knights Templar, Free masons and the Grail. Most of the carved signs and symbols aren’t Christian. Inside was cold and smelled dusty and mildewy.

the apprentice’s pillar, about which there is a legend that an apprentice carved the pillar when the master carver was away. Upon returning, the master was so jealous of the job the apprentice did, the master killed the apprentice. Nice church story.

We crossed the street to the Roslin Glen Hotel for tea, coffee, sandwiches and a pint for Scott and Robin.
We got our taxi to take us back to the Caley where we picked up our bags, dropped off Robin and Katie and then continued on to the airport for our flight to Dublin.
the Pentland hills

Edinburgh airport

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