Swim in the sea

Scott and I walked from Kinloch to an old Highland settlement called Leitir Fura while Bob, Nancy and Sidney went shopping with Donald and Allie slept.

All of us were driven to Broadford for some shopping and lunch.  We watched a hand spinner.
After we headed to look at Torrin pool because Allie wanted to swim.
 But Allie decided it was too small to swim in.

So we crossed the road to Loch Slapin, which is an inlet, not a lake, so it was part of the ocean. Scott jumped in then out but Allie managed a few strokes. Sidney waded in to her ankles.

The rest of us stayed out of the water.
We returned to Broadford for more shopping and a stop at the Serpentarium for Sidney. I did not go in.
At dinner back at Kinloch, Tom, the Macdonald’s son in law, told us that Loch Slapin is full of stinging jellyfish.

last dinner

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