Three generations of Watsons head to Scotland

We took Air Transat from Calgary to Glasgow. Six of us: Bob, Nancy, Scott, Allie, Sidney and me. Our flight left in the afternoon of June 29 and we arrived in Glasgow at 7:45 a.m. on June 30. From the airport, we took a taxi to Queen’s Street railway station in downtown Glasgow. This was the same route we took with Robin in 2003 but we were heading to Edinburgh instead of Inverness.

We bought tickets from the auto dispenser and were onto the train. We have some massive pieces of luggage so opted for first class to get more room.

We arrived at Waverley station then took a cab to 25 Dublin Street which is not far away but, again, too much luggage. The flat we rented in New Town has 5 bedrooms, almost unheard of in Edinburgh.

We are at the flat by 10:30 a.m. Enough time for a quick trip for groceries and lunch at The Magnum restaurant around the corner on Albany Street.

Everyone went for a nap except me. I tried to stay awake by going to the National Portrait Gallery which is just up the street. Then walked around the eastern area of New Town and got to Valvona & Crolla, an Italian oriented grocery, deli and liquor shop. I bought 2 bottles of wine and returned to the flat.

We had dinner at Jolly Pizzeria near Valvona & Crolla where Robin joined us.

We returned to the flat so Scott and Robin could watch a football match. I went to bed early.

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