Centre Georges Pompidou and Christmas Eve

We went to Centre Georges Pompidou to see the Musée d’Art Moderne, the largest 20th century collection of art in Europe. We lined up and waited for 30 or more minutes before we found out we were lining up for the library, not the museum, which turned out to have no line at all.

We rode the escalators, which are on the outside of the building, to the 6ieme niveau, where the public art exhibitions are shown. The Centre also supports an art and music research facility.

I didn’t like the escalators. Scott and Robin took photos.

view from the escalator

inside the museum

The Pompidou had a great gift shop. Scott found himself a silver ring which was the start of his vacation souvenir ring purchasing habit.
More shopping followed.
Back at the flat, I made dinner while Scott started constructing a Christmas tree.

Soon pressies appeared under the tree.
Christmas elves

Dinner was a saussison du Lyons en brioche, with veg and a Burgundy.

After dinner, we walked around to the churches in the area where we could hear trumpets and then singing.

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