Getting Robin into Fraser Court

After breakfast with the Hinds, Ronnie drove us to Pollock Halls, the residences for the University of Edinburgh where we found Robin his keys and room in Fraser Court.

We dropped off his stuff.

Ronnie, Scott, Thomas and Robin went to a Glasgow Celtics vs Edinburgh Hibernians (Hibs) football match.

while Kim, Isabel and I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Dean Gallery.

After lunch in Old Town, we met up with the guys. Thomas and Isabel went home with Kim while I joined Ronnie, Scott and Robin on a pub crawl. We started at Mathers on Broughton Street, then Cafe Royal with its large horseshoe bar,

then to Oxford Bar, a very utilitarian bar where Ian Rankin has his fictional detective John Rebus hang out.

Returned to Ronnie and Kim’s. They took us to dinner at Harvey Nichols bistro. Dropped Robin at his residence for his first night in his student room.

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