V & A and Hyde Park

We took the tube to the Victoria and Albert Museum. Robin kept charging ahead even though he didn’t know where he was going.

I went to a special exhibit, Fire and Earth, about terra cotta sculptures while the others toured many of the curiosities of the museum. At the entrance, there’s a Dale Chihuly chandelier.

And more glass exhibits.

The V & A also has a lot of arms and armor which we looked at. One of the more curious rooms is of fakes and forgeries of art.

From the V & A, we walked to Hyde Park.

Speakers’ Corner

We walked from Hyde Park to Marble Arch and onto Oxford Street where there are many stores including a number with going out of business sale signs which seemed to be permanent.

Purchases were made at the French Connection UK store which at that time was not available in Canada.

We got back on the tube to get back to the B & B.

We had tickets for the play, The Complete Works of Shakespeare Abridged, at the Criterion Theatre, so we headed to Piccadilly Circus for the show.

Dinner was at Bibendum. No food photos.

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