Day 39: to Calgary

I booked a 6:00 am flight from Bologna to Schiphol airport in Amsterdam in order catch the direct Amsterdam – Calgary flight that leaves around noon.

I booked myself into the hotel closest to the airport so I wouldn’t have to worry about travel to the airport. That part was good but although breakfast was included in the inexpensive cost of the room, there was no breakfast available at 4:00 am and no coffee making facilities in the room. Breakfast of water and the cherries I bought at the Bologna market.

Bologna’s airport was busy at 5:00 am. Still rainy in the area.

KLM fed me some breakfast on the flight from Bologna. We arrived early which meant I had even more time to kill. The Rijksmuseum has a small satellite at the airport. It featured 19th century Dutch landscapes—not the Golden Age of Dutch art.

The KLM lounge is reasonably comfortable but I should have booked a few hours in the Yotel which is somewhere in the airport then I could have napped. Oh well, the flight to Calgary offers lots of nap opportunities.

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